Overseas Store Openings of American Retail Companies for 2010

Despite the economic recession, U.S. retail organizations continue their global expansion as they open new stores in different countries. These expansions, however, are not as aggressive compared to previous years, but at least they are enthusiastic and hopeful about it.

Opening an international retail branch is no easy feat, as the organizations would have to wrestle through different levels of bureaucracy, red tape, and partnership agreements with foreign comanies before they could even build a stone. Add to that the logistics issues on the part of the suppliers as well as the merchandise distribution.

The company should also note how their branch is being perceived among its foreign markets and be able to translate well to international consumers. Chilean customers, for instance, can be very loyal to local brands; while Australians do not favor American Apparel not because it is American, but its soft porn advertising strategies do not sit well with local sensibilities.

Another thing to consider is whether foreign lands have a separating line between government regulations and business, which is blurred or absent in other countries. McDonald’s, for instance, becomes a symbol of American influence wherever it may go and anything negative the American government, like calling the Amenians who were killed shortly before we will be reflected on the company.

The following is a list of American retail stores that are set to open overseas within this year.

Abercrombie Fitch (apparel) – Openings in both Denmark and Japan

American Eagle (apparel) – UAE, and Kuwait

Apple – Two openings in China and three in Spain, while the UK would opens a new branck

Banana Replublic (apparel) – One upcoming opening in India

Best Buy (Electronics) – The electronics retail strore is opening 15 storen China alone, while expect five openings in the United Kingdom

Bloomingdale’s (Department Store) – Will have two new store openings in HD.

Coach (Handbags) – This luxury brand has 20 store openings listed both in Canada and the U.S.

Dairy Queen (Fast Food) – The store behind Blizzard will open 100 stores in China and one in both Egypt and Macau.

Domino’s Pizza (Pizza) – This pizza chain hopes to expand its overseas reach by opening 50 stores each in Australia and the UK.

Gap (Apparel) – While it plans on slowing down the Chinese market with its single store opening. The company also plans on opening up to 50 stores in Italy.

Lowe’s (Home Improvement) – This hardware announced store openings in both Canada and Mexico.

Payless Shoes – Five branches will open in Russia

Staples (Office Supplies) – The office supplies store by being hard on him. It plans on opening five branches in Russia.

Starbucks (Coffee) – Starbucks is beginning to adjust with Russia by providing three store opening in the adopted country.

Wal-Mart (Discount Store) – Canada will have 40 new Wal-Mart stores within 2010.

Wendy’s/ Arby’s (Restaurant) – Wendy’s is set to open one store in Dubai.

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